Anemia, formation of red blood cells, and helps in the utilization of iron, proper digestion, absorption of foods, the synthesis of protein, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, cell formation and cellular longevity, prevents nerve damage, maintains fertility.

Symptoms of Deficiency:

Abnormal gait, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, digestive disorders, dizziness, drowsiness, enlargement of the liver, eye disorders, hallucinations, headaches, inflammation of the tongue, irritability, labored breathing, memory loss, moodiness, nervousness, neurological damage, palpitations, pernicious anemia, ringing in the ears, spinal cord degeneration.


Brewer’s yeast, clams, eggs, herring, kidney, liver, mackerel, mill’ and dairy products, and seafood, sea vegetables, such as dulse, kelp, kombu, and nori, and soybean and soy products, alfalfa bladderwrack

Recommended Daily Allowance:

US - 3 mcg, EU - 2mcg


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