Some Treatments Will Fail!

  • Nystatin is an antifungal antibiotic made from another organism, Streptomyces noursei. It does not damage bacteria or viruses and is virtually non-toxic with negligible adverse reactions. It is most commonly used at the onset as it is effective both topically and orally.  Trade names include Mycostatin®, Mycolog II®, and Nilstat®, in addition to generic preparations. Although Nystatin has been the most popular prescription antifungal used for many years, it is no longer the first choice of treatment due to resistant strains of yeast that have developed.
  • Amphotericin B (Fungizone®, Adria®, and Apothecon®) is a broad spectrum drug but exhibits toxicity and side effects Therefore, it is used for the more invasive form of Candida. Blood tests should be used to monitor for liver damage. Creams and ointments, based on amphotericin B, are available for the corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis) with no signs of systemic toxicity.
  • Ketoconazole preparations are antifungals that cause changes in the fungus cell wall and bind with the organisms. These are Mycelex®, Monistat®, and Nizoral®.
  • Candicidin (Candeptin®) is an antifungal antibiotic made from another streptomycin strain.
  • Triazoles (Diflucan® and Sporanox®) act similarly to ketoconazole.  However, they are more costly.

It is vital to note, these are the pharmaceutical "cures" which do no more than place a band-aid over an open wound and cause additional damages to your body. In addition, the fungus will eventually become immune to the specific drug and render it useless. This is why you may have found that a cycle of different drugs worked best. fungi and bacteria can not become resistant to Colloidal silver. this is why it is used here in our Candida Elimination Kit.

Do not expose yourself to more harm and danger than you need to. Get rid of that candida albicans and chronic yeast infection once and for all!

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