OZONE Hyperbaric Oxygen and AND U.V. Light Therapies

This paper is written from several websites out of approximately 150 studied and read. Since I have no "formal"  training with Ozone and UV Light therapies, I have no way of either proving or disproving the proceeding information. The following are facts based on what I have deemed useful, truthful and consistently confirmed through various sites and personal practice. I have performed and received various therapies using UV light and ozone through auto-hemotherapies, infusion, injections, and other various methods that may or may not be discussed in this site.

 By understanding the Ozone layer, its properties and how it works in conjunction with Ultra violet, gives us a better understanding of how it works medically. Feel free to write me if you have any questions regarding the valuable information you are about to read.

These two God made elements have been used by Him to clean our atmosphere and used properly may be a valuable tool in cleansing our bodies of all pathogens and unwanted microbes, etc.

Healthy Christian Living will soon be carrying a full line of ozone machines, hyperbaric chambers, saunas and more... Until then, please see our alternate cost effective products:

  • By adding vibration to the healing powers of sound, we introduce frequency directly into the body with Resonance Sound Therapy

  • The LymphiX ™ helps to deliver oxygen with ozone to the lymph system, which is essential to healthy cells.

  •  Learn more about the Rejuvenating qualities of Body Detoxation Via An Ionizing Footbath by Healthy Christian Living. Colloidal silver reportedly has not only helped many people and assisted in providing an greater over all feeling of health.

  • The Aqua Sonic ™ was designed to introduce sound into the detoxification footbath session.


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