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I've made this easy for you by breaking up the Lymph Cleanse into two pages. On this page you will find information, questions to ask yourself about lymphatic health and some suggestions.

Notes about juicing. I recommend fresh, organic juices.

Do you need a lymph cleanse? The lymphatic system includes lymph vessels and nodes, thymus gland, tonsils and spleen. It's really a network of tubing that drains waste products from tissues, produces disease-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies, and carries the bulk of the body's waste from the cells to the final elimination organs. Experts call the lymphatic system a secondary circulatory system, because it assists the bloodstream with millions of tiny ducts that collect tissue fluid not needed by the capillaries or skin and returns it to the heart for recirculation. Special filtering lymph nodes remove infective organisms, so your lymph system is also a key to your body's immune defenses.

Liver health is a key to lymphatic health. The liver produces the majority of lymph, and lymph a major route for nutrients from the liver. The integrity of the lymph system is dependent on immune cells in the liver that filter out harmful bacteria and destructive yeasts.

The spleen is the largest mass of lymphatic tissue. It destroys worn-out red blood cells, and serves as a healthy blood reservoir for fresh red blood. During times of high demand, such as hemorrhage, the spleen can release its stored blood and prevent shock from occurring.

Here's an amazing fact: The valves of the lymph system move the waste-filled fluids to be flushed and filtered. But since there is no pump as there is with the heart, lymph circulation depends solely upon your breathing and muscle movement. Physical exercise and diaphragmatic deep breathing are critical to lymph cleansing and to healthy immune response.

Is your body showing signs that it needs a lymph cleanse?
If you are under chronic stress; if you are constantly tired (indicating liver exhaustion); if your skin is very pale; if you are extremely thin; if your memory is noticeably failing; if you have low immune response with frequent colds, a revitalizing lymph cleanse can make a difference. If your body looks uncharacteristically soft and pudgy or has newly noticeable cellulite (indicating too many saturated fats and sugary foods), you probably need a lymph-draining cleanse.

Pointers for best results from your lymph cleanse:
-Drink 8 glasses of bottled water each day of your cleanse. Add potassium-rich foods - sea greens, broccoli, bananas and seafood.
-Avoid caffeine, sugar, dairy foods and alcoholic drinks for the duration of your cleanse. They contribute to lymphatic stagnation.
-Spicy foods like natural salsas, cayenne pepper, horseradish and ginger boost a sluggish lymph system and cut mucous congestion.

Improvement signs show that your body is responding to the cleanse:
-Most people notice an energy increase in their daily activity, with far fewer stress reactions as body chemistry normalizes.
-Most people notice they no longer catch every cold that comes their way, and the illnesses they do get don't last as long.
-Most people notice better weight control (especially if they were overweight) and less cellulite formation as congestion lessens.

Continuing Diet Notes: Poor nutrition profoundly impairs the immune system. Excessive dietary sugars and alcohol over consumption especially inhibit white blood cell activity. Be sure to eliminate or limit their use. Adequate protein intake is critical to immune health and the ability to heal. The best sources for immune response are those with plenty of EFAs: salmon and fresh tuna, sea vegetables, green superfoods like spirulina and barley grass and sprouts.

Three day lymph cleansing diet


If you are looking for a good system cleansing diet that you can use over the week-end, this 3 day lymph cleansing diet is perfect. Most people find by following this program they not only cleanse their lymphatic system, but tend to lose a few pounds in the process.


Begin day one by gathering fresh (organic if possible) green vegetables. Green onions, zucchini, celery, parsley, mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, green peppers, spinach, lettuce, broccoli and carrots. Although carrots are not a green vegetable, vitamins and minerals found in carrots are a very important in the cleansing factor. Wash all vegetables thoroughly, cleaning away any wilted or dead parts. Do not cut or scrape the vegetables. You will want to use all parts including roots and stems. In a large canning pot put four gallons of bottled water. This can be distilled water or spring water. Add all the vegetables to the pot and cook on low heat for 2 hours. Be sure to keep a lid on the pot during cooking so that vitamins and minerals can recycle with condensation. Remove pot from heat and allow liquid to cool. Drink three 8 ounce glasses of the vegetable broth once before lunch and a second time before dinner. It is suggested that if you are going to eat during this diet, eat fresh vegetables only.

Day two of the diet, drink three 8 ounce glasses of the broth before breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the broth is getting low you can add more bottled or distilled water at this time.

On day three, repeat the three 8 ounce glasses of broth before each meal, but eat the vegetables from the broth for your meals.


Detoxing Foot Bath

Detox Foot Bath is an all natural way to detox the inside of your body through your feet in a relaxing bath. Detoxification begins the moment you place your foot into the foot bath. Detoxification benefits your health and can help the aging process.

Ionic cleansing through the feet has been shown to be very effective in reducing menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, skin problems, sleep disorders, stress, wrinkles, yeast infections, joint problems and any other number of chronic symptoms. Most people first experience a boost of energy and mental clarity after their first session. Sessions usually last about 45 minutes.

Significant Pain Relief - Improve Memory and Sleep - Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse - Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems - Enhance Immune System - Liver Detoxification - Purge Heavy Metals  - Increase Energy and Reduce Stress - Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge - Improve Sexual Health - and more...


LymphiX ™ works to further stimulate the lymph system to help increase the body’s metabolism and overall immune system functionality. The LymphiX ™ helps to deliver oxygen to the lymph system, which is essential to healthy cells.


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