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Layaway Program

We at
HCL/BAHS realize that finances are tight for everyone these days, but we also don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice our health in the meantime. Therefore, we have made a conscious commitment to provide you with a healthcare alternative with the utmost in affordability with our new pilot Layaway Program!*

For a limited time, you'll have the chance to reserve one of our state of the art Wellness Technologies and make payments on orders between $600.00 and $10,000.00!

Don't miss the window of opportunity to try this exciting new payment option with advanced HCL/BAHS  Wellness Technologies. Any selection of products, which results in an order total between $600.00 and $10,000.00, makes your order eligible for the Layaway Program.

Details Regarding our Layaway Program:

  • The minimum qualifying purchase order amount for Layaway Merchandise is: $600.
  • The maximum qualifying purchase order amount for Layaway Merchandise is: $10,000 (unless special terms are approved by HCL/BAHS Executive Management).
  • The HCL/BAHS Layaway program is only available for HCL/BAHS Retail and/or Direct HCL/BAHS purchases. The Layaway Program is not available through outside HCL/BAHS Distributors unless otherwise negotiated.
  • A Layaway Contract may be set at a maximum of six (6) months (only).
  • The Cancellation Fee on all new Layaway Contracts is 30% of the Suggested Retail Price (SRP).
  • A 15% down payment is collected when merchandise is put into the Layaway Program.
  • The monthly payment schedule for all new Layaway Contracts is determined upon the remaining balance owed after the initial balance, as well as the time period selected for the Contract up to six (6) months. 
  • Provided that the payments are made in accordance with the due date, the merchandise will be held.
  • If a payment is not made by the due date, the Layaway merchandise is returned into stock inventory seven (7) days after a missed payment.
  • If the Layaway merchandise is returned to stock, a refund will be provided minus the 30% Cancellation Fee.
  • Your HCL/BAHS merchandise purchase (in total) will not be shipped until the final, and full, Payment is received and processed accordingly.

HCL/BAHS Layaway Transaction Policy:

  • Acceptable payment options include the following: Check, Cashiers Check, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal.
  • If you were delinquent on a previous Layaway Contract with HCL/BAHS, a new Layaway Contract will not be accepted.
  • All payments must be made in full by the specified due date determined in the Contract.
  • Payments made by mail can only be done with a Check.
  • Customers will be permitted one price adjustment during the contract period, should their merchandise item go on Sale. Customers are responsible for checking on the status of HCL/BAHS direct Sales. Sales are only guaranteed through direct sales on the HCL/BAHS website and will not be honored through outside HCL/BAHS Distributors.

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