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The "Amalgam Wars" have gone on since the introduction of mercury amalgam as a dental filling material in England and France in the 1820s. Because "amalgam" by definition means an alloy of various metals mixed with mercury, it was natural for a great deal of controversy to surround its use as a dental material. After all, mercury is one of the most toxic metals known to man. The controversy was confined primarily within the medical and dental professions, with very little media coverage addressed to the general population. The basic controversy was between health professionals: One group concerned that implanting mercury in the human body presented unacceptable health risks to the patient; the other group claiming that amalgam was so easy to use that it would permit dentists to treat large numbers of patients cheaply and that this benefit outweighed the possible health risk to the patient.

It wasn't until the early 1980s that the controversy started to spill over into the public domain when scientific research was published showing that amalgam fillings released mercury vapor and that this toxic vapor was being continuously inhaled by every person who had amalgam fillings implanted in their teeth.

The only easily available general source of information for the media, public and health professional on the subject of amalgam was the American Dental Association, whose policy since its inception in the 1850s was that amalgam was an excellent dental material and was completely safe, presenting no health risk to the general patient population.

Consequently, there was a great void in the controversy regarding scientific and clinical information presenting data contrary to the position of the ADA. It was in 1984 that Bio-Probe was chartered as a Florida Corporation with the primary purpose of gathering and making easily available to the health professional, and the patient population, scientific information on dental amalgam and mercury, both pro and con.

This effort initially took the form of the Bio-Probe Newsletter which is scientific in nature and designed specifically to provide health professionals with abstracts and reviews of recently published scientific studies dealing with mercury, dental amalgam, with editorials and comments on the controversy. We at Bio-Probe were committed to providing dentists who did not want to use mercury amalgam in their practice with scientific information to support their decision.

It was also important to provide the general population with "factual" and scientifically supported information on the amalgam issue. To this end, we have not only written and published several books on the subject but also set about to make available the largest selection of books on the subject. As nutritional support is a vital component of coping with mercury exposure, it was a natural evolution for us to start making available well written and scientifically documented books on nutrition and eventually, a finite selection of quality nutritional supplements to those patients seriously attempting to help themselves get through some exceptional health problems.

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