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Get rid of the diverticuli and the fecal matter impacted on the walls of the large intestine, OUTSIDE your body (in the large intestine). This will destroy the Candida breeding grounds and Candidiasis will disappear also.

It is that simple! Unfortunately, this can take many months to accomplish - but not a bad deal considering it took you many years to get that way.

Just the same, once you have started the program, you will feel much better in just 3 to 8 weeks provided you do the program diligently.

For many sufferers, it will not last unless they continue with the program for another few months (8-10 months would be fine)

You will need a supply of:

1) Liquid caprylic acid dissolved in a generous amount of olive oil (also called Caproil). Powdered caprylic acid in tablets or capsules will not cooperate with the Psyllium gel in like manner.
2) Psyllium seeds and husks. It is the seeds that provide the scraping action as they are pressed into the walls of the intestines by the Psyllium gel (the husks)
3) Liquid Bentonite. This must be in liquid form for best results. If powder or tablet, your body must convert it into a liquid form. This is not likely to happen because Bentonite does not mix easily with water. Only liquid Bentonite will expose a large surface for attraction of toxic materials.


rock.gif (1120 bytes) Caproil
The liquid caprylic acid (
Caproil), has a COATING ACTION on the intestinal wall which tablets and capsules cannot match. Liquid Caproil, being dispersed in the Psyllium gel, releases its caprylic acid THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE LENGTH of the intestinal tract at a predictable rate controlled by the gel.
Liquid Caproil, being dispersed in the Psyllium gel, has its Caprylic acid forcibly rubbed into the intestinal wall and diverticuli interior, where Candida live, by the bulking action of the gel.

rock.gif (1120 bytes) Psyllium forms the gel which gradually and gently scrapes away the Candida breeding ground) plaquing of fecal matter) from the intestinal walls.
Psyllium forms the gel which reduces toxic overload ("die-off reaction") by absorbing toxins released by the dying Candida.
Psyllium forms a gel which binds Caproil into a time-release form. Taking Caproil alone will result in very little anti-Candida activity since most of the caprylic acid will leave the intestinal tract very quickly.

rock.gif (1120 bytes) The absorbent action of Bentonite  helps eliminate the Candida breeding ground by attracting, neutralizing and removing toxic material. The absorbent action of Bentonite also helps reduce the "die-off reaction" by removing toxins released by dying Candida.

Optional but HIGHLY recommended:

rock.gif (1120 bytes) SBX - Intestinal flora
Because most people have had at least one episode of antibiotics in their recent life history, there is a great likelihood that a patient's intestinal flora is either severely deficient in beneficial bacteria or the wrong kind of bacteria exists in his or her gut. Therefore, historically, the supplementation of a mix of various human intestinal flora strains has been recommended by colon therapists and the writer of this article also supports this desirable practice. SBX is a remarkable synergistic formulation that merges powerful immune-boosting herbs, probiotics and super-nutrients, with homeostatic soil miro-organisms.
These strains come in capsule form and include:
Ancient sea deposits, Reishi, Shitaki, Astralagus, Schizandra, Blue-green algae, Lactobaccillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Subtillis, Lactobacillus Lactis, Lactobacillus Bulgaris.

rock.gif (1120 bytes) SOLE - Standardized Olive Oil Extract
This is a superior Natural Anti-infective Agent. Each capsule contains 250 mg of olive leaf (Olease europaea) extract, standardized to 12% oleuropein and 250 mg of olive leaf powder.
Olive oil has been shown as being extraordinarily effective against both the yeast syndrome and a large number of viruses including Epstein Barr, Coxackie, herpes, HIV, influenza, rhinovirus and all myxoviruses. Dr. Morton Walker has written a book " Olive Leaf Extract" and there is now quite a lot of valid information on the internet on this subject.

Both SBX and SOLE are taken on a cyclical basis - to maximize the body' s response to these synergistic herbs.

Gut-Cleaning Procedure

Just once a day...

rock.gif (1120 bytes) 6 oz of water plus 2 oz unsweetened carrot or tomato juice
rock.gif (1120 bytes) 2 teaspoons of Caproil (liquid caprylic acid)
rock.gif (1120 bytes) 1 well-rounded
teaspoon Psyllium Powder
rock.gif (1120 bytes) 1
tablespoon of liquid Bentonite

Combine the above in a jar, screw on its lid and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Drink immediately. Take 1/2 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach.
Also, drink 6 to 8 glasses of liquid daily to keep the psyllium gel moving through the intestinal tract easily.

Note: Both SBX and SOLE are taken on a cyclical basis - to maximize the body' s response to these synergistic herbs.


You may wish to take the program a second time each day (also on an empty stomach - one hour before or 2 hours after a meal) in order to speed up your recovery.

Many people take it this way, just beware of the "die-off" (Herxheimer) reaction. When a large number of Candida are killed off during the initial period of treatment, a great amount of toxic material is suddenly released. This can produce certain uncomfortable effects such as flu symptoms (stuffiness, headache, general aches, diarrhea), skin rashes, vaginal irritation/discharge, or even something unusual such as numbness in the legs or mental confusion. The exact symptoms are neither important nor do they lend themselves to explanation. The die-off reaction normally lasts from one day to no longer than a week.

If symptoms are severe, it may be necessary to cut back the amount of Caproil which is added to the Candida mixture, i.e. from 2 teaspoons to 1 teaspoon or even less. When symptoms subside, increase the Caproil amount gradually over a few weeks to the recommended level of 2 teaspoons.

One of the features of the Caproil/Psyllium/Bentonite program is that the normal die-off reaction, if any, is relieved to a very great extent by the detoxifying action of both the Psyllium and the Bentonite components. This has been reported by a variety of health practitioners who see a number of Candida sufferers each week.




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