Further Symptoms of Candida Albicans:

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You can suspect that Candida plays a role in making you sick if...

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You've taken antibiotics for acne or prolonged or repeated courses of antibiotics for  sinusitis, bronchitis, urinary or ear infections

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You have taken birth control pills

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You have been pregnant

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You have taken cortisone, prednisone or other corticosterols

rock.gif (1120 bytes) Your have been subjected to sustained exposure to tobacco smoke, diesel fumes or  other chemical odors

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You feel tired, lethargic, drained or depress a lot

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You are bothered by all sorts of other nervous system symptoms, including poor memory, feelings of unreality, headache or inability to concentrate

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You feel inappropriate drowsiness quite frequently

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You experience numbness and muscle weakness as well as incoordination

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You have been troubled by recurrent vaginal yeast infections or other disorders  involving the sex organs or urinary tract

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You suffer from athlete's foot, jock itch and other fungal infections of the skin

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You have been bothered by persistent digestive disorders such as heartburn, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, gas,  constipation, diarrhea

rock.gif (1120 bytes) You are bothered by other troublesome symptoms such as pain or swelling of your joints, nasal congestion, recurrent sore throat, coughing, pain or tightness in your chest, spots in front of your eyes or blurred vision, fluid in your ears or just feeling "lousy" most of the time.

rock.gif (1120 bytes) Your symptoms flare up on damp days or in moldy places or when you eat or drink foods which promote yeast growth such as cookies, syrups, candies, cakes and breads.

rock.gif (1120 bytes) If you are a man and you have practiced oral sex. You see, the woman's vagina is so close to the vaginal area that it is only a short distance from one to the other. The man not only gets easy fungal from the anal/vaginal area but practically INHALES the fungus (yeast) particles and now the fungus is in the man's lungs and no longer in the digestive tract. That's when the coughing starts, the phlegm is forever a problem, even socially and the doctor looks for a disease!

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