Rife Introduction

Rife Tube In the 1920's inventor Royal Raymond Rife invented a healing machine which became known as the Rife frequency generator. The device utilised the law of resonance and was able to produce profound health benefits and treat many diseases, both chronic and infectious. Its main mode of action was to Electro-magnetically destroy pathogenic microorganisms i.e. viruses, bacteria, fungi (candida) and other pathogens without harming healthy tissue. The results were achieved by the so called ‘opera singer effect’. Just as a wine glass can be shattered by a particular frequency of an operas singers voice (without destroying surrounding objects), so Rife discovered he could use a specific electro-magnetic frequency to destroy a bacteria or virus, which would destroy the targeted disease organism without harming surrounding tissues.

The original machine was used for arthritis, eye diseases, tuberculosis, varicose ulcers and most other common ailments, but it became most well known for its effects on cancer. Dr Rife discovered that a small particle given off by a bacterium almost the size of a virus could cause cancer, and that this particle could be destroyed by his device. In 1934 The University of Southern California carried out clinical trials on the machine on 16 terminally ill cancer patients - all 16 were cured completely within 3 months. The treatment was painless, did not have side effects, did not harm healthy cells and did not require medicines.

I know this sounds amazing but it also happens to be true. So why have you never heard about it?  The reasons are basically connected to the device threatening vested financial interests. The therapy was able to replace the use of medical drugs. As a consequence of this, the technology was suppressed. The reasons are explained in more detail in the book "The Cancer Cure That Worked" by Barry Lynes (pub. Marcus books ISBN 0-919951-30 9) which chronicles the entire saga. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet.

Today there are a number of companies purporting to make "Rife machines". These claims are not strictly true as Rife is dead and vital components and notes were either 'lost' (i.e. stolen), or seized, never to be returned.

Despite the misleading claims made by some of the manufacturers, none of the machines being marketed today are the Rife machine in its original form. However my research led me to the conclusion that one of these devices most closely approximates the original technology. Additionally this particular machine appeared to have far wider physiological and immune stimulating effects than the original device, as well as being potentially helpful for emotional and mental imbalances. Developed by James Bare in 1995, it has become known as the Rife/Bare machine. I imported one in June 1998 and have been using it at my clinic since that time.

Rife Tube

Results achieved with the Rife/Bare Machine

When I received the machine, it was accompanied by a video of case histories of people who had been helped with a variety of condition, the most common being arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and more surprisingly emotional / mental problems. The results seemed to be very impressive and I have seen a  number of similar results since them. The beneficial results reported are at this stage 'anecdotal', though they are of course promising. Some very interesting reports of the Rife/Bare machine which seem to demonstrate the machine’s efficacy have been posted on the Internet at The Rife Research Triangle and on the 'comments of the volunteer group' page of Don Tunney's web site

Please note this machine I use is NOT the Rife machine in its original form and no medical claims are made for this technology. The beneficial results reported are promising and interesting but at this stage may also be considered 'anecdotal'. On the other hand, no harmful effects have been reported to me from the use of this device. Having said that, at my clinic, people have reported that the Rife/Bare machine has been helpful for the following disorders:


Arthritis  Thrush, Candida (fungus infections)  Poor libido
Back pain Irritable bowel syndrome 
Auto-immune diseases 
Diabetes  M.E. / Chronic fatigue syndrome  Emotional balancing 
Menieres disease  Autism/ Asperger’s syndrome M.S. 

I did for a short stage have a group session running, as anyone who is within 30 feet of the machine will receive the healing energy when the device is running. Don Tunney in Canada has treated hundreds of people this way. There were some quite interesting results but overall I found that individually tailored sessions, where I could be more discriminating in choosing only the frequencies that are believed to be helpful for a particular problem, was far more effective. I also found that generally speaking long exposures to a small number of frequencies, carefully selected for the clients needs, seemed to be more effective than short exposures of lots of frequencies. I therefore decided to discontinue group sessions and only offer exposure to the device to people individually for the moment.

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