Resonance Sound Therapy

Resonance Sound Therapy

By adding vibration to the healing powers of sound, we introduce frequency directly into the body at several intervals along the spine. The spinal cord carries vibration to the emotional processing areas of the brain. This constitutes for a much deeper healing response on a cellular level. With over two-thirds of our body consisting of water, and the fact that sound travels 5 times more efficiently through water than through air; the healing possibilities are endless. In this manner, the system is able to aid in healing with physical resonance along with brainwave entrainment. This type of healing helps to increase the various states of consciousness using sound and frequency vibration.

The Resonance Massage Table kit may be easily installed to either a portable or stationary massage table. Even with these components in place, most portable tables are still retractable. With the healing touch of a wellness provider, coupled with the Resonance Massage Table kit, the ultimate in Vibro-tactile therapy can be delivered.

Assembled with vibration devices, triggered by stereophonic sound Resonance Massage Table Kit helps to:

  • Reduce stress 
  • Promote healing   
  • Clear anxiety and leave the mind, body and soul at peace  
  • Be added on to almost any massage table

PRICE: $1,895.00



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