Oxygen/Ozone therapy Vs Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a technique which attempts to flood the body with oxygen, in this case by making the patient inhale concentrated oxygen. Though this method is effective, Ozone therapy is generally considered to be more powerful. The following statement from Saul Pressman on the question of cancer explains why.2


The answer to why hyperbaric oxygen does not stop cancer whereas ozone and H2O2 does stop it, is related to the nature of the cancer cell.

Cancer cells are fermenting their sugar anaerobically. This is a wasteful and energy poor process, producing only 150 kjoules of energy. Aerobic oxidation of that same sugar would produce 2870 kjoules of energy for a good cell to use. So cancer cells are perpetually underpowered. This lack of energy means that, among other things, they cannot form the protective enzymes of superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. Without this protection, the cancer cell is susceptible to cell lysis (hole in the membrane) which destroys it.

Oxygen on its own, even pressurised, has too little oxidising power to perform this cell lysis. Hydrogen peroxide has more power and can do the job. Ozone has even more oxidising power and thus can do it even better. Hydroxyl, OH, is an even more reactive species, with even more oxidative power, which can do an even better job. But it is so powerful, that it causes damage to good cells too, so it is safer to stick with ozone, which is perfectly safe for internal use up to the concentration level of 60 ug/ml.2


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